10 Tips when it comes to packing

1 Think ahead

Most people underestimate how much time it takes to pack. As soon as you know you're moving, start culling and packing things you don't use daily. The dining room is a good place to start. After all, if you're moving, you're not hosting dinner parties.

2 Cull, cull and cull some more.

Do you really need that half-complete fondue set? There's an expiry date for food, fashion and knick-knacks. Be brutal. If you haven't used it in 18 months, discard it.

3 Invest in the tools of the trade.

Use butcher's paper (available from removalists and Officeworks) to wrap items; newspaper is too thin and can leave marks. Although it may be tempting to source boxes from work or the supermarket, removalist boxes stack neatly on trolleys, while different shaped ones have to be carried individually.

4 Box it up.

This means it will fit easily in the truck and stay clean and safe. The best rule is, if it fits in a box, put it in a box. There are boxes for golf clubs, flatscreen TVs, wine – everything. Take your time to ensure the safety of your items. Breakables such as plates and glasses should be stacked vertically, with butcher's paper between each item and crushed paper lining the top and bottom of the box.

5 No kids allowed.

Women are usually on the frontline in a move, but it's hard to pack with young children around. Little hands often enjoy a game of 'let's unpack everything you've just boxed'. Ask someone to mind them or take advantage of nap time to do some packing on your own.

6 Don't pack what's not going.

Make sure you don't get carried away. A common mistake is to take the garage-door and air-conditioner remotes with you to the new house when they need to stay where they belong.

7 Label your heart out.

Be careful and precise when labelling boxes. Why waste time later trying to figure out if the scrawl is 'Bed' or 'Shed'? Remember to label the box with where it's going in the new house, not where it was in the old. If there's no 'fourth bedroom' in the new house, where's it going?

8 Avoid a weekend move.

Parking is more readily available on weekdays, so there will be more space for a truck. You may need to take a day off work, but you'll save money. (It's also cheaper outside the peak periods of December and January, when people aim to start the New Year in their new home.)

9 Make a Plan B.

Even if it's sunny, plan for wet weather. Leave out some old blankets or towels to protect your new carpet from the removalists' boots.

10 When all else fails...

Sit back and hire someone else to do it all for you. The Australian Furniture Removers Association provides industry accreditation, so always look for professional movers.

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